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Chair Therapy

Relieves muscle tension and stiffness Reduces stress/anxieties and aids relaxation Releases toxins from the body and enhances the health and nourishment of skin.
Limbo Therapy

Limbo therephy is a new concept that gives superior results from aesthetic treatments. All functions inside the body are facilitated by the smooth circulation of blood and lymph.

Basically, detoxification means cleaning the blood. It does this mainly by removing impurities from the blood in the liver, where toxins are processed for elimination.
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Welcome to Sekhar Ortho Center!

Sekhar ortho and neuro center is dedicated to excellence in patient care, research and medical education. Our staff is committed to provide the highest quality care to individuals as well as to the community. We strive to advance p-patient care through excellence in clinical basic and research. The high standards set by our hospital, the scope of service available ensure that patients will receive the best care possible for a wide variety of orthopedics and neurology and all other departments of mullty specialty services.

Our multi-faceted hospital believes strongly in above principle and that's why we started this wonderful center wherein a person DO NOT become A PATIENT, but escapes the jargon of being a victim of FAILED invasive surgeries and other post-operative complications.

When people meet with accidents, surgeries come in handy and there is no way out. Many surgeries are being done throughout the world and most of them are successful. But there are times when a surgery is being failed and people either live on medicines forever or bed ridden for life.

The suffering and trauma and uncertainty of a person going thru surgeries are unexplainable.

But time has proved till today that things like excruciating pain in your back, neck and ankles etc., can be cured without going thru surgeries! Based on this theory world-famous and time proven decompression treatment was perfected through invention of DRX 9000.

We Sekhar Ortho Center an ISO 9001 center has imported this aerospace technology right in our up-market hospital here in India, wherein no scalpel will ever be used on your body. (No Anaesthesia!!!!!!!)

Our bodies are intelligent beyond what we think and so they have excellent built-in healing powers to heal themselves. Based on this theory DRX 9000 was evolved and millions of people were benefited till today.

Start this page with "positive note" as the costs of the treatment are not in $50,000 or 60,000 or above.

For small pittance (we said rightly 'pittance') you will have greatest advantage of getting healed!

Sekhar Ortho and Neuro Center located in the picturesque city of Vijayawada, AP, India has brought about this world-class innovation right into their ISO 9001 certified hospital.

It is being headed by Dr.Sekhar Madala who has done M.S., in Orthopaedics and who holds couple of Masters in various medical degrees.

We have come out with wonderful treatment plan for all people who are outside India. Along with treatment you can have exciting holiday plan in this riverside city of Vijayawada. Many ancient forts surround this place. So we have tailor-made exact treatment plans coupled with great tourism for you.

Go ahead and see our pages and have the greatest mileage from our side and when you get healed promise us that you will send more of your friend and relatives!!
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